Earn money for your club

BMX Clubs are the life blood of our sport. They provide the coaches, maintain the tracks, fix the bikes and put on the races, often with little appreciation or funding. We’d like to change that.

The Gate8 BMX Club Cash Back scheme let’s you show your club some love, by giving 5% of every purchase you make back to them in a quarterly cash payment, and the more you spend, the more they earn.

We’re sure you don’t need an incentive to help your club but we’ve got one for you anyway. You’ll personally save 10% on every purchase you make using your clubs discount code.

You win. Your club wins. BMX wins.

Cutting edge simplicity

Single speed BMX simplicity is entering a new era of innovation. Manufactures are pushing the envelope of what is possible and increasing performance with every iteration. Carbon fibre, belt drives, direct engagement and hydraulic braking are becoming standard technology. It's not all innovation though and the purity of a traditional set-up still makes BMX the most accessible cycle sport in the world. 

BMX Innovations